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Aug 24, 2010 5:30pm PDT
justice department is going to appeal? >> well, i have to echo dr. collins' response that it was both shocking and we recognize that this is a major, major blow to american biomedical research and ultimately health care. >> woodruff: a major blow for what reason? >> yes. well, as was indicated by dr. collins, the biology that we are learning and the therapies that we are getting under our control from using these amazingly important cells could change the face of medical care. it and other stem cells like it have given rise to the entire field called regenerative medicine. in a way this has put a halt to the progress of regenerative medicine. one of the most promising areas of research of this century. >> woodruff: mr. prentice, you hear what the opponents of this rule ing are saying. you are advising the plaintiffs. how do you respond? >> we are actually very encouraged by the judge recognizing the unambiguous nature of the congress's amendment that says no federal tax payer funds for research in which an embryo is harmed or destroyed. embryonic stem cells come from destroying a huma
Aug 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
-weather + forecast with your meteorologist, john collins. >> dr. die. takes on a new meeting. -- dumpster diving takes on a new meeting. scattered clouds around baltimore. most of the rain are in the great lakes and the st. lawrence valley, parts of new mainland. the rain offshore has been there for a day or two. let's see what happened with the temperatures during the day. 89 the high at the airport. two degrees above the average at the inner harbor. 63 and 73ere the lows, normal for this season. cambridge 84, boardwalk 80, chester town 85 come edgewood 85, park 1084, 87 in westminster. falling in the seven epoxy in mchenry. we expect temperatures to begin to fall to nine and then we will jump way into the 90's into the afternoon because we expect a warming trend with tires humidity. here are the cause this evening. there is an area of high pressure over us again. it will be sliding a little further east and eventually the humidity will come in. lots of 100's in the southern plains again today. colin is now a tropical depression south of bermuda. she has stalled a spinning around south of bermu
Aug 13, 2010 7:00am PDT
'm nicole collins. >> thank you. so dr. laura apologized. how do the listeners react? do you have any comment on that? >> reporter: well, certainly there's outrage from many people. dr. laura read a letter and got numerous letters from people. she said that they were disappointed with her but that they showed friendship. whatever that means. perhaps that these had been loyal listeners 37 and the one e-mail that she shared, the woman said she didn't believe that dr. laura was a racist just that she made a poor choice there and this listener hadn't decided if she will listen on. so maybe others feel the same this morning. >> thank you. >>> time now 7:47. well, the jet blue flight attendant who became nationally famous with his resignation now says he wants his job back. slater says aviation is his life and he was under stress. still not clear if his return to the skies is even possible. jet blue is investigating his status as an airline employee. and the prosecutor's office says he still may face criminal charges that could put him in prison for seven years. >>> the vector control distr
Aug 18, 2010 7:00am EDT
and medical editor, dr. richard besser. you had your first one? >> i did. i'm 50 now. i made an appointment to get a collins osing by. i wanted to take you through what happened. demystify the experience, if you will. so people out there know it's simple, it's relatively painless. and in just 15 minutes, it could save your life. the preparation begins the day before the screening. hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> reporter: good. i'm here to get my medicines. the most common solutions is a liquid of medicine. what do you get from people who get this? >> taste is the biggest problem. if you refrigerate it, it eases it a little bit. >> reporter: that's a good tip for people? keep it cold? >> keep it cold. >> reporter: there was another preparation. these pills. i take 32 pills in groups of 4. that's 4 of the pills every 15 minutes. followed by a glass of liquid. not too hard to do. easy does it. it's often fear that prevents millions of americans from being screened for colon cancer. if screening rates immoved, tens of millions of lives would be improved. how are you doing, dr. change
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)